hypnotherapy and acupuncture

Our Northern Ireland Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture Services

If you would like to speak with us directly, you can call our national helpline on 01200 40 50 22. We will be very happy to talk through each therapy and explore which one is going to work best for you. Addiction Management is a specialised therapy only for the hardest cases, and is not yet offered in Northern Ireland. For information on this click here.


The fee is £155. Single session, with free follow-up in the event that one is needed*. Our Belfast hypnotherapist has bookings Monday – Saturday, either day or evening.


The fee is £150, and includes three treatments. Our Belfast acupuncturist has slots Monday – Friday.


Not presently on offer in Northern Ireland


The fee is £160. Single session, with free follow-up in the event that one is needed*. Our Newtownabbey hypnotherapist has bookings Monday – Friday


Not presently on offer here.


Not presently on offer in Northern Ireland

National Stop Smoking Centres Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy

*A second session is provided within three months of the first in the event that you need more help.
**Addiction Management is not presently available in Northern Ireland, or for the foreseeable future.


Our Belfast hypnotherapist is Joe Boyle. Joe trained later in life, as a second career, so he brings a great deal of life experience to consultations. He qualified in 2001.

Our Newtownabbey hypnotherapist is Jim Hanna, and Jim had had much the same experience as Joe. He sees our clients to the north of Belfast, and has been an NSSC Partner for almost eight years now.


Most people know about hypnotherapy to stop smoking, but in fact acupuncture is every bit as good. The obvious question we get asked is which is better, but the question is not helpful. It is certainly true that by and large most people succeed in stopping smoking with hypnotherapy, However, it doesn’t suit every smoker, and so sometimes we recommend acupuncture instead. In addition to this, something very few smokers ever take into account is just what their problem with stopping is. The two therapies achieve the same result, but to a large extent the issues they tackle are different.

If your primary problem is that you have clear withdrawal symptoms when you stop, then there is a strong case for acupuncture. If, on the other hand, you can stop for at least five days at a time (and you don’t find that hard), but you don’t stay stopped, then let’s look at hypnotherapy. Either way, we can help you to stop. It’s just a question of which is the best choice to get it right first time. There is some helpful information about the two therapies here. If you would like us to give you a personal recommendation, we’ll be very happy to do that, so call us or email, via our contact page here. And there are some helpful video to watch on the main NSSC website.


23.06.17: Our Belfast hypnotist is holiday next week, starting 26th June.
30.06.17. Both our Newtownabbey and Belfast hypnotherapists are heavily booked next week, so we are at the present time booking clients for the week after.
14.08.17. Our Newtownabbey hypnotherapist is at present unwell. In his absence, all clients are being seen at our Belfast hypnotherapy branch.
16.10.17  From next week, evening appointments are available at our Belfast hypnosis branch.
6.12.17  Our Belfast acupuncturist has no appointments available this week.
06.01.18  The fee at our Newtownabbey hypnosis branch has gone down slightly to £160.