Which therapy to stop smoking


There are three types of stop smoking therapy: hypnotherapy, acupuncture and Addiction Management, although the last is not yet available in most regions. Of course, therapy always works better than drugs, so if you have been trying to stop smoking with nicotine replacement products (which includes electric cigarettes), or psychotropic drugs (normally Champix) and not getting very far, this does NOT mean you can’t stop. It just means that because you haven’t had any therapy you haven’t yet found the help you need. Except that now you have.

If you’re not sure which therapy you need, we can advise you, so complete the form or call for a free assessment, on

0121 318 9 318.

The main NSSC website also has a great deal more information, including some really helpful videos.



This is the therapy of choice for most clients, especially if you have not had smoking cessation therapy before.

Our hypnotherapist is going to overcome the blockage you have about stopping by using a special technique to access your sub-conscious beliefs.

Most clients stop in a single session, but if you need a second one there is no extra cost.



If your problem with stopping smoking is particularly the withdrawal symptoms, this is likely to be the treatment for you.

Most clients require three treatments, and our fee covers however many we recommend in your case.

As well as the treatment in the Centre, you will have ear acupuncture, which will help you to feel calm on the days between treatments.